Roof Ventilation Perth

Ventilation is one of the most overlooked aspects of property care and maintenance in both the business and domestic sectors. Without proper ventilation, difficulties will arise within your building, some small and some which will substantially affect your property and those who spend time inside it.

A lack of adequate ventilation can impede upon the healthy status of any structure and its residents.

What Problems Can Poor Ventilation Cause?

There are two main issues here to be concerned of; one is comfort and the other is health and safety:

Comfort: Poor ventilation can lead to a stuffy, overly hot, and uncomfortable building as the air does not circulate adequately on its own. This is of special concern in climates such as ours, where the relentless sun heats up a building’s roof causing a rise in temperature in the interior as that heat radiates downwards through the structure. This can result in the unnecessary installation of expensive air conditioning, or pushing existing air conditioning harder than you need to.

Health & Safety: This rise in temperature due to poor ventilation causes an increase in humidity which can lead to condensation and water vapour, coating your house in mildew. Any consistent exposure to water should always be avoided in terms of building maintenance, as mildew soon leads to damp which can leave walls and support beams unstable. Damp is also a contributing factor in specific respiratory illnesses and can facilitate the growth of moulds and spores which can be deadly to you, your family, or your employees.

Furthermore, without proper ventilation water vapour and steam from showers and cooking can accumulate during the winter months, penetrating insulation materials rendering them useless. This can result in higher heating bills.

How to Solve These Problems:

Even when employing expensive air conditioning installations to remove the moisture from your property and to circulate the air more freely, the only truly effective way to eliminate these issues is to install adequate roofing ventilation for the entire building.

Our pledge at All Roof Restorations is to offer ventilation solutions which protect you, your family and your property from the associated dangers of damp accumulation, at an affordable price. We will do everything in our power when installing roof ventilation to ensure that your peace of mind in terms of safety and comfort is guaranteed.

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