Roof Replacement Perth

After many years of service most roofs become old and start to leak from multiple areas.  Restoration or replacement are the only options in this scenario.  Restoration can give many more years of trouble free service if the roof is still in good condition.  If the roof is past the point of restoration then replacement is the only option.  Roof replacement adds value to your home and can lift the look to a more modern home.

All Roof Restorations can replace an old troublesome roof with a new tin roof for less than you think.  Converting your 35 year old concrete tiled roof to a new tin roof will give it another 35 years of service.  A roof restoration that is little more than a layer of paint will last many years but will eventually deteriorate.   A new tin roof comes with a 20 year guarantee, something only a Colorbond can offer with conviction.

All Roof Restorations can also replace your roof with terracotta or concrete tiles. Re-tiling a home is dearer than a roof restoration and tin conversions but can add the look you are after. The main reason to replace a roof is to stop leaks or to change the look. A home with new tiles on the roof looks rejuvenated without that painted look. We use and recommend only bristile tiles for the quality and longevity. Bristile has a huge variety of roof tiles to choose from and a wonderful showroom with friendly staff. Bristile offer a 50 Year Manufacturer Warranty roofing tiles and with over 75 years of manufacturing behind them they can stand behind their warranty.

Commercial roof replacements are necessary in situations where the roof has rusted beyond repair. In this situation replacing the entire roof will ensure another 50 years of service. Galvanised commercial roofing is the most popular choice due to it longevity and price. All commercial profiles are available to suit all application. Free consultations on all roof replacements in Perth can be arranged through our sales department.