Roof Repair Perth

Roof repairs in Perth are involve either tin / colorbond roofs, terracotta tiles or concrete tiles.  All three have their pros and cons.  Each type of roof requires different material to repair the leak. Detailed below are the different roof types and the most common types of roof repairs in Perth.

Tin / Colorbond

Tin roofs rarely leak, however the flashings used to seal roof penetrations can be prone to leaking. Tin roofs are usually quick and easy to repair. If rust is apparent it can be treated, patched or replaced with new sheeting. All of our roof repairs are covered by a twelve monthy warranty. Most tin roof repairs can be done in a couple of hours.

Terracotta Tile

Terracotta tile repairs can be problematic depending on the age of the tiles. Terracotta tiles that are not sealed allow for moss and lichen build up which can detract from their appearance. Terracotta becomes more brittle and porous with time and can be prone to cracking or break easily under foot. All of this can be prevented by basic roof maintenance. All Roof Restorations are Perths terracotta tile repair experts. We can assess the roof and perform any necessary repairs on the spot.


Concrete tiles can crack due to expansion and contraction or poor design. Cheaper roof tiles sourced from no longer existent companies can create large roof repair problems for home owners. Badly designed roof tiles tend to crack from the corner upwards or down the middle due to expansion and contraction. This can be lessened by using flexible pointing and proper installation.